Teaching is my favorite part of science! Below are some of my teaching experiences.

PLU courses

Chem 115: General Chemistry 1, Fall Semester 2022

Chem 116: General Chemistry 2 Lab, Spring Semester 2023

Chem 320: Analytical Chemistry, Spring Semester 2023

Non-PLU courses

Undergraduate courses

Instructor, Ocean 295: Marine Organic Chemistry, Winter Quarter 2021, University of Washington

Instructor, Ocean 295: Marine Organic Chemistry, Winter Quarter 2020, University of Washington

Curriculum development and updates, Ocean 330: Biogeochemical Cycles, Winter 2018, University of Washington

Teaching Assistant, Ocean 330: Biogeochemical Cycles, Spring Quarter 2017, University of Washington (McManus Teaching Award Honorable Mention)

Teaching Assistant, Ocean 295: Marine Organic Chemistry, Winter Quarter 2016, University of Washington

Graduate courses

Guest Lecture, Ocean 520: Marine Chemistry, Fall Quarter 2019, University of Washington

Other univeristy level courses

Instructor, Environmental Science. Math Science Upward Bound, Summer 2019, University of Washington. (Course development and implementation)

Teaching outside of the univeristy

2016-2018: Curriculum development and implementation, Jane Addams Middle School, Seattle, WA, Units on: ocean sensor building and data analysis, harmful algal blooms and climate change, fish kills in Hood Canal.

2012-2013: Outdoor Science Instructor, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry