I am passionate about science education and outreach.

Below is a selection of outreach activities I participate or have participated in.

Seattle Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Since 2014 I have volunteered for Seattle ICO. We take students from Seattle public schools on outdoor trips that they otherwise might not be able to experience.

Jane Addams Middle School

As part of the IGERT Program on Ocean Change and the UW Program on Climate Change I was able to develop and implement units of middle school climate and ocean science curriculum in 2016, 2017, and 2018. This was done with other UW graduate students and our partners at Jane Addams Middle School. The units we developed are available! Check them out!

UW Aquatic Science Open House

In 2019 I helped organize the open house co-hosted by the UW School of Fisheries and Aquatic Science and the UW School of Oceanography.

Volunteering at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle

Pacific Science Center Science Communication Fellowship program.

I completed this program in 2017 and participated in 2018

HiveBio Community Labs

I taught a course on squid dissection! I modified the course from one I taught when I worked as a science instructor for OMSI.

Ocean Inquiry Project

I've participated as a volunteer instructor on day trips in the Puget Sound.

National Ocean Sciences Bowl

Washington Sea Grant hosts the regional ORCA bowl. I have volunteered during the event.